Rebecca - Northly Nice Writer

A keen creative with a background in print and pattern and a love for travel, interiors, food and drink, so much food. Rebecca loves renovating or unnecessarily re-tweeking things around her 1930s house project and dropping hints to her husband Mark about cheap flights/houses/caravans or new renovation projects. Her weekends are spent being dragged miles around a field by her small but Robust Bostie Minnie, getting swiped around the ankles by her cat Ted or drinking peppermint tea and hiding from the latter in her satisfyingly tweaked house.

Mark - Northly Nice Photographer

An established photographer and self confessed beer/coffee geek, with a joint love for travel and food. Mark spends most of his time travelling around capturing beautiful images for commercial clients or chasing brides and grooms on the weekends, occasionally forcing his (grumpy northern) wife to smile for numerous pictures. Mark is the rational half of Northly Nice although he does crumble sometimes. 

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New to the Northly clan, also a big lover of travel and food, although she isn’t ecstatic about the photography. Minnie can be found under Marks feet Monday to Friday and running with Rebecca on a weekend. Favourite past times include; licking everybody, eating, eating things she shouldn’t, eating her bone, eating grass or falling into a long noisy slumber. 


A kitten in a cats body Ted hates Rebecca,Travel, Food, and Mark and Rebecca’s house, regularly peeling wallpaper off the walls with his mini Pincers. Ted enjoys jumping out of things and punching Rebecca, playing bongo drums on his sisters butt or lovingly head butting Mark in the night.